School Profile

About Potomac High School

Potomac High School opened in January 1981, with only a freshman class. Today Potomac has between 1950 to 2000 students in grades 9-12 who reflect the diversity of the surrounding neighborhoods. Potomac was named for its view of the Potomac River.

Communities Served

Potomac High School serves communities from Neabsco Road south in Woodbridge down to and including some communities in Dumfries. Also Cardinal Drive communities on the north side above I-95 and on the south side from the Forest Park High School attendance area down to Route 1.

What Makes Our School Unique?

Potomac's diversity is it greatest strength. From academics to athletics, Potomac students and faculty reflect pride in their school. Potomac has been recognized as a School of Excellence and has met or exceeded all required criteria for Virginia's Standards of Learning (SOL), through the installation of our core values. Students will behave at all times with Panther pride, will respect others and themselves through honesty and character, will obey all school policies and will encourage others through my words and actions.


Potomac High School
3401 Panther Pride Dr.
Dumfries, VA 22026

Phone: 703-441-4200

Principal: Brandon Boles

Assistant Principals: Regina Nash, Lorraine Sadler, Stacy Norwood, and Christina Hines

Other Administrators: Natalie Wright (Director of School Counseling); Melissa Bankert ( Activities Director); Jeff MacDonald (Administrative Coordinator of the Cambridge Program, Gifted Services, and Virtual Only)

Approximate Number of Students: 1,985

Approximate Number of teachers: 110

Approximate Percent of Students Who Go on to Higher Education: 84%

School Colors: Navy Blue, Columbia Blue and White

School Mascot: Panther

Vision: Potomac High School will set the standard for educational excellence, where all students achieve their potential and contribute to our local and global community.

Mission Statement: Our mission is to empower all students to apply their acquired skills and knowledge and to rely upon their personal attributes to lead productive lives and to be contributing of the global community.

Honor Code : At Potomac High School, we strive to create an environment wherein all members act honestly. We believe it is the right, privilege, and responsibility of each individual to contribute to and work in an environment of trust. Honorable behavior covers the full range of activities within the school environment.

Honor Pledge: On my honor, I pledge that I have neither given nor received help on this assignment, test, or quiz.


Cyber Security

Potomac Senior High School is very excited to offer a CTE four-year program of study, Cybersecurity; as a transfer program open to students divisionwide.

The Cybersecurity course offering at Potomac HS is a first in our division. In this program, students enter the world of computer technology and gain practical experience in assembling a computer system, installing an operating system, troubleshooting computers and peripherals, and using system tools and diagnostic software. They develop skills in computer networking and resource sharing. Cybersecurity units will include maintaining endpoint security, maintaining network security, implementing threat mitigation and exploring ethical and legal cyber issues.

This program is cutting edge from the classroom infrastructure to the cybersecurity modules. The goal of the program is to prepare students to enter into a cybersecurity career after high school or an IT college degree program. Students will have the opportunity to earn their CompTia A+ certification and the ISACA Cyber Security Essentials certification.


Potomac Senior High School NJROTC, a distinguished unit, was established in 1995. The regiment, which boasts a cadre of about 270 students, is exceptionally competitive in athletics, drill, orienteering, brain brawl, air rifle marksmanship, and academic competitions. Also actively participates in Basic Leadership Training and other Area events.

Cambridge Programme

Potomac is the Cambridge Centre for the Mathematics and Physical Sciences. The Cambridge program emphasizes mathematics and physical sciences within the framework of a four-year program of mathematics, sciences, language arts, and the humanities. The Cambridge Program, which began in 2000, is an innovative and accelerated method of study offered through The University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom.

To participate in the program, students must enroll each year in at least one Cambridge course and must complete a sequence of such classes from grades nine through twelve. The courses are divided into IGCSE level for grades 9-10, and AICE level for grades 11-12. AICE courses are acceptable for college credit. The AICE Diploma is another option for Seniors. For more information about the Cambridge Program at Potomac High School, call 703-441-4200 or visit the website at or

Culinary Arts at Potomac High School

Potomac's Culinary Arts Program is a CTE course of study starting with Intro to Culinary, and continuing to Culinary I and culminating in Culinary II. Students of the Culinary Arts Program will graduate with work-ready knowledge and skills being ServSafe certified. ServSafe is a training certificate program and is a basic food safety credential required by many restaurants for their management staff. Culinary students will be taught advanced culinary skills by Chef Evans using resources such as the textbooks from the Culinary Institute of America and a brand new state-of-the-art commercial cooking Lab.

Units of study include; exploring the many careers within the food service industry, food safety and sanitation, essential culinary skills, nutrition and meal planning, exploring cultures and their food internationally and regionally, baking skills and economics and logistics of food.

Students will compete with fellow classmates, using the kitchen skills and knowledge learned from this course. This is a fun and exciting class to be in as well as a very rewarding and enriching career path to choose. If you love working with food and have a passion to create wonderful meals then this is the course for you.

Criminal Justice

This course is designed for students who are considering a career in criminal justice. The course prepares students for career opportunities within the criminal justice system as well as entrance into institutions of higher learning.

Specific areas of training will be provided in criminal law and investigation, security training, communications, emergency response, crimes, search and seizures, arrests, crime prevention, court procedure and police operations. The program is structured to give students a strong academic background with the skills and knowledge necessary to meet the needs of a career in any of the cited fields. In addition, experts from various agencies provide in-depth information and experiences.

Welding Program at Potomac High School

"Home of the 2016-17 Skills USA Virginia State Champions"

Welding is the process of joining metals together with the application of intense heat. Learn how to apply basic Math, Science, Engineering and Art at the only Welding Lab in the Prince William County Public School system. Potomac Senior High School's Welding Lab teaches all the major welding techniques used in today's industry. Students will become a part of the most advanced, modern technology any lab has to offer. More than 55% of U.S. products require welding. Students also have the opportunity to earn an Associates degree in Applied Science through the dual enrollment program with NVCC. This opportunity helps students to become certified welders if they desire.


PLTW Engineering: Engineers make a word of difference


Students are introduced to the engineering design process, as well as applying math, science, and engineering standards to identifying and designing solution to a variety of real problems. They work both in groups and individually and in collaborative teams to develop and document design solutions using engineering notebooks and 3D modeling software.

Extracurricular Activities & Sports

Potomac offers a variety of sports, clubs and activities that allow students the opportunity to enhance their high school experience through teamwork, service and leadership.

Opportunities for Parent & Community Involvement

Potomac is fortunate to have a variety of helpful, caring parent organizations. The Potomac Panther's Athletic Boosters Club, Band Boosters, Parents as Educational Partners (PEP), Principal's Advisory Council (PAC), and the Parent Teacher Support Organization (PTSO) actively support the students, teachers and extra curricular events. Thank-you to our parents and our business partners for your support!