Counseling Frequently Asked Questions

My student is having difficulty with one or more of his classes. What steps can I take to help them?
When a student is having difficulty, the first best resource is generally the classroom teacher, who can suggest strategies for aiding your student's performance. If no significant progress is observed following the implementation of these strategies, it is appropriate to conference with all of the student's teachers to discuss additional observations and methods of assistance. If there is no significant progress following this intervention, a parent/guardian can approach the student's classroom teacher or school counselor to request referral to the Potomac High School Intervention Team.

My child and I would like to review graduation requirements. How do we know what he/she needs?

Graduation requirements are determined by the year a student entered the ninth grade for the first time. Please use the table below to access information about the graduation requirements for your student. Please contact your school counselor if you have further questions about graduation requirements and/or a graduation plan. View graduation requirements to find the right guidelines!

How do I set up a conference with my child's teacher?

  • We recommended parent-teacher communication through many sources. ParentVue is an invaluable tool to monitor student progress from report cards to attendance to current grades all are available through this tool.
  • If parents have questions regarding their student's progress, behavior, attendance or effort we recommend an initial email or phone call to the teacher involved. Most of the time this resolves the questions at hand. However, if this does not resolve the question at hand after a period of ongoing communication a parent can request to meet with the teacher to achieve a better understanding or solution to address the concerns at hand.
  • If the problem requires a meeting with all of the child's teachers such as poor grades, attendance issues, or widespread student behavior a parent should contact the child's school counselor to discuss a meeting with all of the child's teachers.

What is the county policy regarding a student's promotion or retention?
Grade Placement is as follows:

  • Ninth Grade: Successful completion of grade eight.
  • Tenth Grade: Five units of credit, three of which must be in required courses.
  • Eleventh Grade: Eleven units of credit, six of which must be in required courses.
  • Twelfth Grade: Sixteen units of credit, nine of which must be in required courses.
What resources are available for my struggling student?

Tutoring is often available through your child's classroom teacher. Students should speak to the teacher regarding the days they are available after school. Our activity buses run on Tuesdays to bring your child home. 

Can I request that my student is placed with a certain teacher?
Unfortunately such requests cannot be accommodated.