Culinary Arts at Potomac High School


Information about the application process can here found  here Teacher recommendations will not be required. 


Potomac’s Culinary Arts Program is a CTE course of study starting with Intro to Culinary, and continuing to Culinary I and culminating in Culinary II. Students of the Culinary Arts Program will graduate with work-place readiness skills, becoming ServSafe certified. ServSafe is a training certificate program and is a basic food safety credential required by many restaurants for their management staff. Culinary students will be taught advanced culinary skills by Chef Evans and Chef Iles using resources such as the textbooks from the Culinary Institute of America and Johnson and Wales and a state-of-the-art commercial cooking lab.

Units of study include exploring the many careers within the food service industry, food safety and sanitation, essential culinary skills, nutrition and meal planning, exploring cultures and their food internationally and regionally, baking skills and economics and logistics of food.

Chef Evans brings over 20 years of Marine Corps culinary experience with expert knowledge in international cuisine. His areas of specialty include catering, southern cuisine, and meat production.

Chef Iles brings over 16 years of professional culinary experience to the foods lab at Potomac High School. His areas of expertise are restaurant management, catering, meat fabrication and Asian cuisine.

The classroom approach from both Chefs focus on real-world work experience in the food service industry. Students will compete with classmates using the kitchen skills and knowledge learned from this course. This is a fun and exciting class to be in as well as a very rewarding and enriching career path to choose. If you love working with food and have a passion to create wonderful meals, then this is the course for you.