Technical Support

Contact the PWCS Help Desk by calling 703-791-8826

If you need assistance before or after school hours, please try calling the PWCS Help desk.

Hours of Operation: 
The Help Desk is staffed Monday–Friday, 7 a.m.–4:30 p.m. when schools are in session and 8 a.m.–4 p.m. when schools are not in session. The Help Desk will not open whenever schools are closed on a Code Red. Hours may vary on Code Green days based on weather conditions.


School Laptop Tips

Webcam Not Working:

  • Turn off the privacy shutter at the top of the screen, above the webcam.

Studio, Flipgrid, Or Google Docs/Office 365 Will Not Load:

  • Make sure you are using Google Chrome to access Canvas.  Safari and Edge block cookies not allowing Canvas Studio to load 3rd party websites

Audio Not Working:

  • Plug in headphones and see if you can switch speakers in Zoom
  • Still not working, hold down the power button on the laptop for 1 minute
  • Restart the computer, audio should be enabled

Computer Running Slow:

  • Try to keep the number of programs open to 2 or 3
  • Limit the number of tabs in Google Chrome to 4 or less

Unable To Login To Your PWCS Issued Laptop? Getting A "No Domain Found" Error?

  • If you have never logged into the device, please refer to the login directions that were provided to  you when the device was picked up. If you are unable to locate the directions, please send an email request to
  • If you have logged into the device before, but now it is locked, please wait about 30 minutes and the device should reset. If you are unable to use the device (after waiting 30 minutes), please send an email to
  • If you receive a message, “the username or password is incorrect. Try again” confirm that the Caps Lock & Num Lock keys on the keyboard are off. Try using the number keys that are located directly above the letter keys. 

Who to contact for assistance:

Please send an email that includes student's first name, last name, grade level, student ID.  Also include a detailed description of the issue (with screen shots if possible).

PWCS Device Issues/Network Login Error Assistance

If you have a PWCS Loaner Computer and are experiencing any of the following problems, please email  Mr. Hesington at

o   Broken

o   Camera/Sound not working

o   Computer Login Error Message

o   Application Error Message

o   Device needs updating/Update Error Message

o   Contact System Administrator Message

o   Zoom app needs updating/contact administrator message

(tech support is not provided for personal devices)

Student Apps Assistance

If you know your username and password, but need student app assistance (activating and or/using the following programs, please email Mrs. Wortham at 

o   Canvas

o   Clever

o   Office 365

o   StudentVue

o   Zoom


ParentVue Assistance 

If you need help with your ParentVue account, please contact your child's grade level secretary.  Please indicate your full name, your child's full name, and your telephone number.

Need an account/activation key
Need password assistance
Need assistance with the “Return to Learn Packets”

Grade Level Secretaries:

9th grade:   Mrs. Covington -
10th grade:   Mrs. Satchell -
11th grade: Ms. Stroy -
12th grade:  Mrs. Vela


All new and returning students: We want to make sure you know/remember your username. Please use the following formula:

PWCS Student Username
A student’s username is determined as follows:
- First 6 Letters of the Last Name
- First Initial
- Middle Initial
- Last 2 digits of graduation year

If your name was John Frank Johnson and you will be a graduating senior in 2024, your username will be:
(example) JohnsoJF24

If your last name is less than 6 letters, you will use your whole last name:
(example) MillsDT22

Now you will go to the Password Reset button on this page and complete the reset. Now you can access all of your PWCS applications.
Note: ParentVue has the student's email address 

Password Reset:

Password Reset

(Students, Parents, and Employees)

We understand that at some point you may have to reset your password. It happens to all of us. Don't worry, resetting your password is simple. However, if you do encounter difficulty, the Help Desk is available to assist.

Students will be prompted to reset their PWCS temporary password at login.
Follow these rules:
8-16 Characters
At least 1 Uppercase
At least 1 Lowercase
At least 1 number
At least 1 Special Character !@#$%*?

Your password cannot include your:

First Name
Last Name
Email Address

Your password cannot include the following words:



Do not use the Password Self Service link to request a Google Password reset.  Password Self Service is only for the Password associated with Canvas, Office 365, StudentVue, Zoom

Password Self Service


Wifi Locations:

Free Wifi For Students and Staff

If you are in need of internet access for a PWCS device please visit one of the PWCS "Wifi Parking Lots." View list of wifi parking lot locations. 


PSHS Google Drive Login Assistance

Note:  Not all teachers use Google Apps
Please only use the form below when you need to reset your PSHS Google Drive Password or if you are new to PSHS and your teacher uses the Google Education Application with their assignments.

Google accounts are not run by the district. The password reset toolbox listed below, cannot be used for PSHS Google Drive accounts)

PSHS Google Drive Password Reset

o  (