Counseling Center

School Counselors make a world of difference

Vision Statement

The students at Potomac Senior High School are highly motivated, responsible, and committed learners who will graduate from high school within four years and are prepared for secondary education, the military, or the work force. At Potomac Senior High School, student success is fostered in a supportive, empowering environment that emphasizes celebrating our differences, participating in rigorous and challenging coursework, and valuing positive citizenship which will set the standard for educational excellence. Students are supported by the comprehensive school counseling program that facilitates strategic partnerships between school, family and community. As twenty-first century learners, students strive to achieve their highest potential as scholars and citizens who will contribute to making a positive difference in the world.


Mission Statement

The mission of the Potomac Senior High School Counseling Department is to provide access to a comprehensive and equitable counseling program to all students and the school community. School Counselors will empower all students to obtain acquired skills and knowledge to be successful not only within the classroom setting but beyond the walls of the school. School counselors will encourage students to self-advocate, learn conflict resolution skills, and to be positive contributing community members. The ultimate goal is for students to matriculate with the personal, social, educational, and career skills necessary for success in an ever-changing society.