This page contains instructions for both students and parents.

Student Information:  These videos will show you how to access Canvas.

After watching all the videos below, if you have questions about accessing a specific teacher's content, etc, please do the following:  

1.   Meet with your teacher 

2.   If you need help with accessing an assignment/downloading a file, meet with or email your teacher and ask for one on one assistance


Parent Information:  These instructions show you how to activate and access Observer accounts

How parents get Access to Canvas

Parents, guardians, and caregivers do not automatically receive viewing access for their child(ren)'s Canvas courses; they need to register for a Canvas account and connect to their child(ren)'s Canvas accounts with a pairing code. Student will generate the code and parent will use the code to activate their account.



This section contains information for activating Student PWCS Zoom accounts. The instructions will take you through the steps for setting up your account.  Note: Zoom is not required on a Code Orange day, but the app will be needed if you want to meet with a teacher during their Office Hour. 

Steps students should take if they have questions about Zoom:

Step 1:  First use the resources on this page to help you activate your own account.

Step 2:  If you are unable to download/use Zoom on a PWCS loaner device, please send a detailed email with a screenshot of the message that you are getting to [email protected]

Step 3:  If you have activated your Zoom account, but are unsure about how to access your teacher's Zoom session (meeting link), please email your teacher for instructions.

Activate (setup) your Zoom Account:

  1. Open the Chrome browser and go to Click "SIGN IN" in the upper-right corner.

    Screenshot of Zoom sign in
  2. Click “Sign in with SSO.”

    Screenshot of Zoom account set up
  3. Type in the company domain: pwcs-zm-edu.
  4. Click Continue
  5. Sign in with  your Office 365 Email (same as Canvas and StudentVUE)
  6. Click Open when prompted to return to Zoom
 View Zoom Authentication Steps Tipsheet (how to activate your account)

How to access your teacher's Zoom session:

  1. Go to Canvas –
  2. Select the appropriate course in the dashboard
  3. Click on the teacher's Zoom Link (if you do not see the link on the "Course Homepage", please look on the Announcements/Modules/Calendar sections of the course).
  4. Once located, click on the Zoom link and wait for your teacher.
  5. If you can't find the link, send your teacher an email


Watch the Zoom Setup video below for a step by step demonstration