The information below explains how to acess StudentVUE and ParentVUE:


This app is where students access bus and class schedules, grades, attendance information.  Current PWCS students already have StudentVue accounts.  Accounts for newly enrolled/transfer students are activated within three business days of being registered.  

There are two ways to access StudentVue:
1. Go to Google Chrome and enter this link:

2. Download the StudentVUE app by searching "StudentVUE" in the Apple iTunes or Google Play stores.

The mobile app will ask for a district address. It is:

Log in with your (your county email address and your password) and click Login.  Newly enrolled students can get their email from their school counselor or registrar when they register.  New students can also set their own password by going to Password Self Serve and following the instructions (while on school grounds).  

If you can log into other county applications, but cannot log into StudentVue, please verify that you are logging in with your whole email address.  For example if your username is JamesAF22, you will log into StudentVue with  

Note to students who are not new:  If you have forgotten your county/network password, go to Password Self Serve to reset it. If you are unable to reset your password from home, it may be because your password has expired.  When you arrive to school, you should be able to successfully reset it.  

Please note that you can't reset just your StudentVUE password.  You must reset your network password.  The new password that you save will become the password that gets you into your school issued laptop, Office365, Canvas, and StudentVUE.


If you are trying to access your schedule, an option would be to have your parent or guardian log into their ParentVUE account.

Parents who have activated their ParentVue account will be able to view the schedule in their app.

Log into the ParentVue app, Select your student, and Select Class Schedule 

Note:  If your parent/guardian has not activated their ParentVUE account, on the first day of each new school year, 1st-period teacher rosters will be posted on the walls to help you locate your classroom.

After the school year begins, if you are still unable to reset your own network password while in the building, please submit a help request or see a Library staff member for assistance.  




Note:  Parents will not have access to information in ParentVUE until their student's Back to School Packet is complete.  

Parent Portal will give you access to your child's class schedules, grades, attendance information, and more. In order to access your Parentvue account, you must have provided a valid email address to Potomac High School (either via your child’s registration paperwork or your child’s most recent emergency card).

For families new to PWCS:  If you registered your child over the Summer, Instructions on how to set up your ParentVUE account are normally emailed during the month are July. The email's subject line contains "ParentVUE Activation" from If you do not see this email in your “inbox”, please check your junk or spam folders.  If you do not receive an email, please contact the school and verify that your current email address is in the system.

For more information about ParentVUE, go to:

Important Reminders

If you did not receive an email (the first step will be to check your spam and junk email folders).  Once you have verified that you are unable to locate the email, we ask that you contact your child’s grade level secretary (see list below).

They will verify that your email address is correct and generate a key activation key.  The ParentVue system will send you a new email within 24 to 48 hours.

How do I access the ParentVUE parent portal?

You may access ParentVUE online @, but for the best mobile experience, we encourage you to download the ParentVUE App from the Google Play Store and Apple Store.

Can I come to the school to register my ParentVUE account?

When school is open, parents are be able to obtain a ParentVUE access code from the school.  However, our staff cannot register your account for you.  For your convenience, it is easier for you to receive the letter by email. 

How do I register my ParentVUE account?

An email containing the activation code for your account is sent to the email address you used when your student was registered with PWCS.  The email will contain a letter that includes the link to the ParentVue site.  The letter will also provide step by step instructions for registering your account. If that email address has changed you would not have gotten the email with the code.  Please send an email to your child’s grade level secretary if you need a new activation code. 

What should I do if I have forgotten my ParentVUE username and password?

If you have forgotten your username or password, click More Options button on the ParentVUE login page, click Forgot Password link, and follow prompts.

The system will ask for your user name.  Your user name will be your email address.  The system will send you a link to reset your password.

I do not see the Return to Learn Survey
The Return to Learn survey has expired at this time. Please contact your School’s registrar if you still need to have your answers recorded.

How do I update the emergency contact info in ParentVue?
Parents can now update their Child's emergency contact information in ParentVue but will need to contact their school if they need to update their own contact information. 

If you need assistance with accessing or activating your ParentVUE account, please contact your child's grade level secretary. Please indicate your full name, your child’s full name, and your telephone number.

9th grade:   

10th grade: Ms. Katelynn Manetta - 11th grade:   Mrs. Vela - VelaCP@pwcs.edu12th grade:   Mrs. Covington -



How to complete the Back to school Packet


Navigating Grades in ParentVUE