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Cyber Security Course


According to Cisco in their latest annual report, there is currently a demand for over 1-million IT Security and Cybersecurity workers.  Starting this year Potomac High School is very excited to offer a new CTE 4-year program of study; Computer Systems Technology I “Cyber Security” as a transfer program open to students Division-wide in PWCS.
The Potomac High School Cyber Security program is a first in PWCS.  In this program, students enter the world of computer technology and gain practical experience in assembling a computer system, installing an operating system, troubleshooting computers and peripherals, and using system tools and diagnostic software. They develop skills in computer networking and resource sharing. Cyber Security units will include maintainingendpoint security, maintaining network security, implementing threat mitigation and exploring ethical and legal cyberissues. The units will be taught using the new Marcraft Cyber Securities Essentials program which was developed using the National Institute of Standards (NIST) framework, developed in a collaborative effort between the US Government, and prominent US IT companies. The NIST Cyber Security framework was established to generate a future pipeline of IT personnel to work in the Cyber Security Industry. The Marcraft Cyber Securities Essentials program uses a comprehensive approach to teach students the basics of local and enterprise security, Physical Asset Protection, Medical IT security, Industrial IT security, and anti-hacking measures.
Next year the course will expand to include Computer Systems Technology II Cyber Security, plus Forensics. This program is cutting edge from the classroom infrastructure to the cybersecurity modules.  The goal of the program is to prepare students to enter into a Cyber Security career after high school or an IT college degree program. Students will have the opportunity to earn their CompTia A+ Certification, and the ISACA Cyber Security Fundamentals Certificate Exam.

For additional information contact:
Mrs. Walden
Cyber Security Instructor
Phone: 703.441.4200

To apply for this program, click the link below where you will be directed to the PWCS, CTE, Specialty Program area for the form.

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