Schedules have been provided to students based upon individual schedule requests made in the Spring of 2020. As a reminder, the final day to make any changes to your schedule request was the last day of school on June 12, 2020. In order to best address your concerns regarding making a request to change your schedule, please reference the following:  

Valid reasons for requesting a schedule change:  

  1. Double Period or Missing a Period (Example: Two 5th periods or no 3rd period)  
  2. A course is double listed on the schedule  
  3. Schedule reflects a course already taken and passed  
  4. Schedule reflects a course that requires a pre-requisite course not taken 
    Example:  Schedule Reflects Art II, but Art I has not been completed  
  5. Incorrect Grade Level Course (Example: Schedule reflects English 10, but student is grade 9)  


Invalid reasons for requesting a schedule change:  

  1. Change an elective course  
  2. Move to another teacher 
    Exception: If a student previously failed a course and now has the same teacher for the repeat course, efforts will be made to try to accommodate the request for a new teacher; however, cannot be guaranteed and is based upon space availability.   
  3. Rearrange the class period order of courses  
  4. Requesting to be removed from an AICE, AP, or IGCSE Course.  
    Change requests will be reviewed by the Cambridge Program coordinator and respective subject administrators after the first interim report.