Can't Access an App

Hello Students

App Assistance will be provided to students who have not been able to successfully log into Canvas,  Clever, Office 365, or Zoom (or who need help navigating an App)

During the school year (Monday - Friday), please email Mrs. Wortham at
Include your first and last name and your grade level.  Provide a detailed description of the problem that you are having with the app.  If you are getting an error message, please include a screenshot of the message. 

You will receive an email response with (some steps to walk you through solving the issue).  If a Zoom meeting is required, Mrs. Wortham will work with you to select a day and time to meet.  To ensure confidentiality of information that may be shared, students will be required to join a session with their authenticated PWCS Zoom username and password.  Once you join the session, please patiently wait in “the wait room” until the host admits you.

1.  If you email a request that is after work hours (or over the weekend), you will not receive a response until the next business day.
2.  If Tech Support is needed to resolve your issue, your email will be forwarded to our school's Tech Specialist, Mr. Hesington.
3.  If you need immediate assistance, contact the PWCS Helpdesk at 703-791-8826.

: App Assistance is not provided by Mrs. Wortham during Holidays, Summer Vacation, or other times when the school is closed.

Note:  Mrs. Wortham assists students with  activating PWCS Canvas, Clever, Office365, and Zoom Accounts.  Her role is to show you how to use our county approved apps.  If you need technical assistance because something is wrong with your school issued laptop, please call the PWCS Help desk or contact our school's Technical Support Specialist (Mr. Hesington).

If you can log into your accounts, but need help with accessing modules, pages, documents, assignments, meeting links, please email your classroom teacher.

Click here for additional Tech Support information and for password reset instructions.