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  • 2023_2024 Course Registration Information

     Dear Parent/Guardian


    The PSHS School Counseling Department is beginning the process for making 2023-2024 course selections.  Our goal is to ensure that all students attending Potomac Senior High School will graduate with the skills necessary to pursue further education, enter the work force, or a combination of the two.  To accomplish this goal, careful planning by the student and parent is essential.  During this time of year, your student, teachers, and counselor will discuss the student’s interests, aptitudes, grades, and other components of academic and career advisement.

    Teachers will make course recommendations online through TeacherVue from January 30th -February 7th. Parents and students will be able to view what teachers have recommended and make their selections from February 8th- February 12th. To participate in this process, you must log in through StudentVue/ParentVue via mobile or laptop device.   It will also be helpful to review your student’s transcript or report card which can be found on StudentVue under the Course History atom.  Teacher staffing is based upon course requests made in the spring of this school year. As a result, space is often not available in the fall for course changes. Careful selection of courses now will ensure that the interests and needs of the student are met. Elective schedule changes will not be made after June 15th.

    Students wishing to participate in Virginia High School League athletics must be enrolled in at least five classes. Students who plan to participate in collegiate sports must be enrolled in core classes and maintain at least a 2.0 for NCAA Athletic Eligibility.

    Please see attached documents for assistance with this process.

    PSHS Course Registration Steps and Reminders

    HS Online Course Request - Student.pdf

    2023-2024 PSHS Course Selection Form.pdf

    PWCS High School Course Catalog


    As always, please do not hesitate to contact us if you need assistance with this important process.

    Natalie R. Wright

    Director of School Counseling 


    Kim Bryson



    Elizabeth Vohar



    Jasmine Herbstritt



    Mia Morrison



    Mark Williams



    Brandon Carter

    Pen- Smi


    Olivia Kang



    Shallene Austin

    College and Career