• Jarrod Pierce
    HPE Teacher

     Hello Students and Parents. I pray that everyone is staying safe in the midst of Covid-19 pandemic. I hope that this time is used to reflect on what's impotant in our lives, our health and family. Below are some activities students you can do to keep active physically and mentally. Please don't hesitate to get your entire family involved.

    Activity 1:
  • Students are to keep a daily/weekly workout log of a total of 30-60 minutes of exercise per day M-F. (walking, jogging, running, basketball, in-house workouts, aerobics, cycling, yoga, etc...)
  • The daily workouts does not have to be 30-60 consecutive minutes. If you want to add the weekend Saturday and Sunday, feel free 

    *I have uploaded links of the 9th grade text to complete lesson activities as well as links for a fitness log and workouts


    Please email from your PWCS email account. All other emails will not be accepted.