Welding Program

Welding is the process of joining various types of metal together with the application of heat. Learn how to apply basic Math, Science, Engineering and Art at the only Welding Lab in the Prince William County Public School Division.

Potomac Senior High School’s Welding Lab teaches all the major welding techniques used in today’s industry. Students will become a part of the most advanced, modern technology any lab has to offer. Students also have the opportunity to become dually-enrolled as high school and college students, partnered with Northern Virginia Community College, earning college credits while still in high school. Students have the opportunity to gain close to all the credits needed in order to become certified welders at a fraction of the cost of Northern Virginia Community College’s regular tuition rate as a result of our partnership with NVCC.

Our Welding Program is AWS (American Welding Society) accredited and a SENSE Level certification (Students Excelling through National skill Standard Education) can be earned. We also participate in Skills USA local, district and national competitions. Potomac Senior High School’s Welding Program is designed to train and certify students to become highly skilled individuals upon graduation. Learn how to weld for a career or a hobby. The program participates in numerous field trips that are taken throughout the year to various welding organizations such as Dominion Power Plant and ship yards. We offer a 4 year, fully transferable program; however, 9th graders are required to take Technical Drawing for their first year preparation. Grades 10, 11 and 12 start welding immediately. Students with less than 4 years left on their educational requirements can also transfer to the Program.

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Please contact Professor Simon J Bhagwandeen at [email protected] for any questions