Graduation years 2015 and following:
To all gifted students, their parents, counselors and others whom it may concern:
Please consider the following thoughts when considering which courses to select for the upcoming school year and the years ahead. For more detailed information and individual recommendations, please contact us directly or see your classroom teachers and guidance counselor.
General Recommendations for Gifted Students
A part of the Gifted Education services at Potomac HS is the differentiation provided through IGCSE/Pre-AP and AICE/AP coursework. While it is not required to be in the program, students are encouraged to enroll to challenge themselves and take a full schedule each year. Therefore, all identified students are encouraged to pursue an Advanced Studies Diploma which requires 26 credits:
Advanced Studies Diploma Requirements             
4 credits in each of the core areas of English, Social Studies, Math, and Science (16 total)                 
3 in Foreign Language. This may be achieved with 3 credits of a single language or 2 each of 2 languages.           
2 credits in Health/Physical Education                                        
1 in Economics and Personal Finance                                       
1 in Fine/Performing Arts or Career/Tech Ed                              
3 elective credits of your choice   
Take advantage of the highest level courses available. This includes the opportunity for advanced foreign language studies and a recommended goal is to complete the highest level available in a particular language.
Course Sequences
Students may be identified as gifted in one or more areas. The chart below shows the suggested sequence of core courses for each gifted identification area.
Gifted Area

AICE Lang/Comp  
AICE Lit/Comp  

Social Studies  
 Pre-AICE W History      
AICE W History
AICE US History
AP US Gov  


IGCSE Biology

Adv Earth Science     


AICE Physics  


IGCSE Geometry


 AICE High Math I    

AICE High Math II    
Various factors may make it impractical for students to take all the most challenging courses each year. The flow charts on the reverse side show the most common core course sequences for advanced students.
Note: This sheet reflects the graduation requirements for the class of 2014 and following.
Key to course levels:               Regular Course       
              IGCSE/AICE               Advanced Placement   
English Sequence (Courses are not tracked and levels can be changed with teacher recommendation)
Grade 9                       Grade 10                     Grade 11                   Grade 12                            
IGCSE Eng  9             IGCSE Eng 10            AICE Lang./Comp.   AICE Literature/Composition
English 9                     English 10                   English 11                 English 12
Social Studies Sequence (Courses are not tracked and levels can be changed with teacher rec.)
Grade 9                       Grade 10                     Grade 11                   Grade 12                            
Pre-AICE World Hist. AICE World History    AICE US History      AP US Gov
World History I          World Hist/Geo II      VA & US History     VA and US Government
Science Sequences (Courses are not tracked but science and math prerequisites are critical)
Grade 9                 Grade 10                       Grade 11                       Grade 12                            
IGCSE Biology      AICE Biology (Lecture + Lab period) 
Biology                                                                                                                                    Adv Earth Science                                           AICE Chemistry (Lecture + Lab period)
                                                                    Physics I
                             Chemistry                                                        AICEPhysics B (Lecture + Lab period)
IGCSE Biology.                                                                           
Biology                                                                                        AICE Environmental Science (One pd.)
Note: All AP sciences require Chemistry I, Oceanography, or Astronomy.
Math Sequences (Courses are tracked; prerequisites and teacher recommendations are critical)
Grade 9               Grade 10                   Grade 11                                           Grade 12              
                                                                                                                  AICE High Math II
                            IGCSE                      AICE High Math I                            
IGCSE                 Alg. II/Trig                                                                         
Geometry                                              Pre-AP Functions/Trig.                    
                            Algebra II                                                                         AP Statistics
                                                            Advanced Mathematics