In order to access your Edmodo class page.
goto www.edmodo.com
You have 3 situations:
1. You all should have your own user name and password to log into the class we have been using all year, so log in for information.
2. You need to Create a user account . Email me that you need the class code. I will email you back with code to log into class.
3. If you forgot your password, I have the ability to change it for you to log back in. Email me and I will reset it for you.
I have uploaded your 3rd Marking period Formative Assessments and Review Practices with Extended Learning.
When submitting or sending me something to go in your file with Edmodo, Click on message at the top. Type in my name to send message to. At the bottom there is a line space with arrow that you can type in and as well send attachments. All attachments are kept in file with your name so you can always access them.
Stay Healthy!
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