Bienvenue à la classe de IGCSE français 3!

My office hours:
Wednesdays from 12-1 PM
Fridays from 1-2 PM

We will use Google Meet (on Google Classroom) to video conference. Please check Google Classroom for the link a few minutes before the scheduled start time. I look forward to seeing you!

Scroll down for links to review/practice activities and notes on all of the topics that we have covered so far this year! Check back often for new resources/updates! Review work from previous weeks can be found on Google Classroom.

2019-2020 IGCSE French 3 Syllabus

Review/Practice Activities for the week of June 8:
Please feel free to email me anytime if you have questions (

Bonjour! Since this is the last week of school, I am not going to give you new assignments this week! Instead, please view the review assignments from the previous weeks in quarter 4 (accessible on Google Classroom). Choose an assignment that you have not already completed and complete it this week. Then, email me your completed work. (

I have enjoyed teaching you this year, and I hope you have a great summer and stay safe! I hope to see you in the fall!

Other practice (if you're bored and want to do more):

Choose an activity from this language practice choice board,
complete it, and email it to me (or a photo of it).

Watch some videos on this Easy French YouTube channel 
(send me an email to let me know what you learned!)

Go to this quizlet page 
and choose a set or two that are interesting to you. Practice them, play the games, and learn some new vocabulary! Send me an email telling me three new French words that you learned! 

Videos in French - thisislanguage (watch 2 videos of your choice and complete the practice activities - email me if you need help logging in)

Books in French for free (choose something that looks interesting to you to read in your free time - reading helps to build vocabulary!)

"Calendar" of standards that have already been taught (with links to the notes!):

QUARTER 1: Everyday Activities

- Home life
          - Daily routine (reflexives) review
          - Chores review 1
          - Chores review 2
          - Chores review 3

- School routine
          - Classes
          - Classes 2
          - Adjectives list
          - Adjectives to describe classes/teachers
          - Adjectives sort
          - French school system
          - Grade levels in France vs. USA    

 - Eating and drinking
          - Eating habits in France reading

- Identify foods and ingredients
               - Food notes
               - Fruits and vegetables
               - Describing qualities of food

- Shop for specific ingredients
               - Specialty stores and places in town

- Describe how to prepare a dish
               - Ingredients, cooking verbs, and measurements notes
               - Dishes and utensils
               - Example recipe 1
               - Example recipe 2
               - Example recipe 3
               - Example recipe 4
               - Questions for example recipes 3 and 4
               - Direct object pronouns

QUARTER 2: Personal and Social Life

- House and home
          - Rooms in a house 1
          - Rooms in a house 2
          - House reading
          - Objects in a house

- Leisure and entertainment
          - Movie synopsis reading
          - Movie synopsis vocab and questions

- Holidays in France reading

QUARTER 3: The World of Work  
(was quarter 4 on the syllabus - I switched the order while teaching to match up more closely with my regular French 3 class)

- Communication
          - Cell phone features
          - Opinions and feelings
          - News/current events vocab 1
          - News/current events vocab 2

- Future career plans and employment

          - Job sectors 1
          - Job sectors 2
          - Professions 1
          - Professions 2
          - Professions 3

          - Future and conditional tenses (what I will/would do)

Rubrics for speaking and writing:
The rubrics below will be used for all speaking and writing assessments.

IGCSE Writing Rubric