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English for Academic Purpose and English 9

~*~*~   April 21, 2020 Update   ~*~*~

Hello students, parents, and guardians!

Below please find a general overview of our school's office hours, by class groups, for the remainder of the year. Please note that this is just an overview, so please check with your individual teachers to confirm times.

For my classes, you can find me virtually on:
Mondays from 12 - 1:  Algebra 1 - (log in to Teams page for details)
Mondays from 1 - 2:  English 9 -  (log in to Teams page for details)
Thursdays from 12 - 1: EAP - (log in to Teams page for details)

You can also reach me through email (riverae@pwcs.edu) or on our Teams page any time throughout the day!

I hope you all are continuing to care for yourselves and making time to think of something positive on a daily basis.

I miss you all dearly, but looking forward to seeing you online!

In health and learning, 
Ms. Rivera

March 24, 2020

Hello parents, guardians, students, and fellow team members. As we navigate through learning during this last quarter of the 2019-2020 school year I ask that students please log in to their Office365 accounts to access Microsoft Teams OR download the Microsoft Teams App.

An email has been sent through Parent/Student Vue with detailed instructions on how to access Microsoft Teams which will contain all the great learning opportunities we will be completing together for the duration of the school year. There is also a document in the FILES AND DOCUMENTS section of this page (on the left) titled "Distance Learning 2020" with step-by-step directions to help you log in, if needed.

Classes can also be found using the following links.  Please use your Office 365 email address ( __________@pwcs-edu.org ) and passwords to log in.

Period 1 - EAP:  

Period 5 - EAP:  

Period 6 - English 9:

Parents and guardians, if you have updated contact information (emails) please email them to me and I can ensure that they are updated in our system. 

If you have any questions, please email me, at any time, at: riverae@pwcs.edu

In health and learning, 
Ms. Rivera
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