Class Description: AICE Higher Mathematics I is designed to provide accelerated students with a strong foundation of pre-calculus and calculus topics including functions and graphs, inequalities, differentiation, integration, Binomial Theorem, and trigonometry. AICE Mathematics 1 is an advanced course based out of University of Cambridge to prepare students for Cambridge International Exams and higher education.

Distance Learning Information:

First off, I want to acknowledge that this is a difficult time for all of us and I hope that we can all extend an extra measure of grace and patience as we try to figure out how to finish the academic school year strong. It is my desire to provide my students with the best instruction and resources that we have available to ensure understanding of the material. I will do my best in providing instruction, providing useful resources, and answering questions so students feel confident they are getting beneficial instruction. With that being said, here are some key pieces of information to help in moving forward in an online format.

·       As has been the case all year, I have unit calendars, filled-in notes, and other handouts uploaded to Microsoft Teams. Students can access Microsoft Teams simply through logging on to their school email. Once in their email, “Teams” is an app that students can click on. When they click on it, they will be taken to the Teams app where they are automatically members in my class. Once in the Teams app, there is a tab across the top called “Files” where all of the resources mentioned above are located. Under the “Files” tab you will see all of the folders of the Chapters/Learning Targets we have learned this year. There is also a folder labeled “Distance Learning”. This is where I will be uploading materials moving forward. I have uploaded a video that walks you through how to access Microsoft Teams in the files below. 

Please feel free to contact me by email if you have any questions.