Sage Cox

Class Updates for Online Learning   

-updated on 3/30-

Please Click the blue "Sage Cox" above to be directed to my class page that has this weeks review assignment

-updated on 3/25-

​SoL objectives have been uploaded at the bottom of the page. Highlighted sections have been touched on at some point through the year.
-updated on: 3/23-
Grades are currently up to date. 
Students were in the middle of a clay sculpture unit and were approaching the first grading checkpoint on the clay. 
How that assignment will be processed grade wise is on a "wait and see" pattern. 

The "Useful Links" section has a lot of art related content to browse based on your interests.

Any back work that is listed as a NHI can currently be completed at home until April 14th. Please email me about specific assignments and I will work with you on how to complete and submit work for a grade.

Course Content:


Art III - Advanced Intermediate continues the emphasis on development of abilities to organize and analyze visual arts content, concepts, and skills in creating works of art.  The focus on art history, critical evaluation, and aesthetics is increased, and includes cultural and stylistic issues and creative problem solving.  Study at this level affords students the opportunity to develop a personal direction in the production of their works of art or to further academic study in the visual arts.  Selected works of art and other products will be added to the portfolio and carried forward to the next level of study.

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