Welcome to Astronomy! This course dives into topics surrounding the Universe. Continuing from the basic earth science course, this course builds beyond those basics in understanding the Universe as we know it. Topics in astronomy will include our local celestial neighborhood, stars, galaxies, mechanics of the Universe, how we have come to understand how the Universe operates, and the possibility of life elsewhere.

COVID-19 UPDATE (March 25, 2019): For the 2019-2020 school year, all in-person classes have been cancelled. However, Astronomy finished all of its content and was moving into the research portion of the class. Therefore, all learning targets are below as documents. The units were:

1. Light and telescopes (August onward)
2. History of Astro (Sept 18 onward)
3. The Moon (Oct 17 onward)
4. The Sun/Formation (Nov 6 onward)
5. The Planets (Dec 6 onward)
6. Stars (Jan 6 onward)
7. Galaxies (Feb 4 onward)
8. Universe/Life elsewhere (Feb 25 onward)

From here, we were doing a project on Extraterrestrial life. From here, students were going to gain research skills in APA format to prepare them for higher education and make them more critical thinkers.

All content will be posted to my Google Classroom page. Grades on StudentVUE, to the best of my ability (since all work was left in the building where I cannot access it at this point in time) are up to date. We will find ways to allow those who were unable to do the tests/retakes another opportunity to learn. This will be posted to my Google Classroom page. I will continue to accept 3rd Quarter late work until admin has teachers submit grades. Contact me at marinucm@pwcs.edu for any help.

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