Marking period 4 enrichment assignments... check under your class for ongoing activities.
Hello and welcome back after spring break. I have decided that I will use the class pages as a means to get classwork information to you as well as Google Classroom. Some of you have not been able to get into the g-classroom now you can use the class pages in the left column instead. All information will be added by noon today.(4/13/2020)
If you are in my team taught class with Mrs. Mead please click on the "Algebra 1 part 1" link to the left. It will direct you to Mrs. Mead's website. (4/2/2020)
I am going to leave my general message below, because it has some good information about learning resources from the county, but from now on I will be sharing information in my google classroom under the appropriate class. Click the link on the left for the correct subject you are currently enrolled. If you did not get an email from me, this is another way to enter into the classroom. Email me at if you have any questions. (March 27, 2020)

HELLO STUDENTS AND PARENTS!  I want to let you know I miss you all. As you know we are all waiting on the next steps the county and VA government will take in your education, but for now, click the PWCS website "top stories" then, click "closed through end of school year" there are excellent learning resources and hints on how to keep busy but safe. Or you can click this link:
I will be updating this page periodically, so feel free to check back. 
When we start distance learning I will be using google classroom. At that time I will give you directions on how to join the classroom, until then you can email me if you have questions.  (March 24,2020)
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