Welcome to the last week of school. Your final weekly assignment has been posted below.
Have a relaxing and restful summer!

Hello WHI. Sorry for the delay, we had a corona scare last week, but luckily everything is ok.
Week 4 and Week 5 distance learning lessons have been added.

Hello Everyone. The Week 3 Distance Learning Lesson has been added

Week 2 Distance Learning Lesson has been added.

5/1/2020 Update
Below I have added the Week 1 Distance learning Lesson. Every week a new one will be added.

April 22, 2020 Update

Hello everyone, Starting on Monday, April 27 there will be new weekly assignments/activities in the Distance Folder.

There will be a new assignment/activity every Monday. I will give feedback to anyone who completes them, but they will not be graded.

Don't forget, Quarter 3 officially ends Friday April 24th. All retakes and late work must be submitted by that time.

APRIL 13, 2020 Update

I have added the retake folder below (it is in the distance learning folder). There are 2 tests that cover every standard from this quarter.

They are lengthy, but you can increase EVERY summative assessment when you complete them.

As of right now, the due date is April 22, but if the quarter gets extended longer, I will extend the due date as well.

Hello WHI

The Distance Learning Folder  Below has everything you need
When you open it there is a folder 1 and a folder 2

The Missing Work Folder - folder1 has all the old incomplete assignments for quarter 3. 
Some of the assignments cannot be completed because you would need a textbook or they are from a workbook that I don't have electronic access to.

Folder 2 has all new review resources.

If you want to complete any of the matching assignments from the Distance Learning folder, I will put those in as credit for the textbook and workbook assignments

Email Address:westtm1@pwcs.edu

Course Description: World History 1 Pre-history to 1500