Room 2612
Classes: Biology periods 1,5,7
Ecology periods 4,6      
Graduate of The University of Delaware
2005 MS Environmental Policy
2003 BS Wildlife Conservation

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Biology Order of the Units (9th Grade)   
Chapter 1 Scientific method
Chapters 3,4,5 Cells and cell processes
Chapter 2 Biochemistry
Chapter 8,9 DNA
Chapters 6,7 Genetics
Chapters 13-16 Ecology
******Chapters 10,11,12 Evolution and Natural selection and Chapters 17 Classification
        (not covered in class due to shut down)

Resources : Go to Q4 Biology Virtual learning folder in files and documents for distance learning lessons

Ecology Units Sequence: (Juniors/Seniors) 
Intro to Ecology
Population Ecology
Community Ecology
Ecosystem Ecology
Human Impact on Ecosystems

Resources: Go to Q4 Bio II Ecology folder in files and documents for virtual learning activities.