Welcome to Mrs. Richards' Biology Class!

This is a science course focused on building a classroom community, learning life and study skills, and passing the Biology SOL.

For more information about this course please read through the documents in the General Information Folder below.

Please contact me via email if you have any questions, comments, or concerns.

COVID-19 Update:

What that means for our class:
-No SOL testing this year (waiver), so if students pass the class students earn the testing waiver.

-No new instruction/ graded work, but students can make up missing work and I will provide students with enrichment work to build off what they already learned.

-We will be moving our class online starting March 27th to Google Classroom, and we will continue to use the Hub to keep track of assignments.

The login instructions and class codes are posted in the documents below.
Please make sure that your child logs into the class period that they had Biology for. For example, if a student has Mrs. Richards for 7th period Biology they should login to the Google Classroom for 7th period.

-Instructions for teachers are changing daily, so I will send out weekly emails to parents on Tuesdays and Thursdays if I have any new information to report.

4th Quarter Office Hours-

Mrs. Richards will be available via email to answer student and parent questions, comments, and concerns.
Mrs. Richards email is Richarkl@pwcs.edu

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