Broad Overview:  What is Geometry?  Much of geometry is about measuring.  In fact, the prefix geo means “earth” and the suffix metry means “measure”.  Geometry is also about shapes, their properties, and relationships.  Geometry is closely connected with other branches of mathematics such as algebra, logic, probability, and trigonometry.  Understanding the logical structures of geometry is important to the student’s success in this course.  After taking this course, the student’s ability to see geometry in his or her own surroundings should improve.  The students will see patterns, shapes, sizes, illusions, and similarities.  To be successful in geometry, the students will need to solve equations, sketch graphs and use problem-solving skills.

This course is designed for students who desire a more rigorous Geometry class.  Topics covered include all SOL’s for Geometry, a thorough review of Algebra I, some Algebra II topics, and a broad variety of IGCSE concepts required for the IGCSE course. 

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