Course Description:

IGCSE Art & Design:
 10th-12th grade; must have achieved an A in Art 1
The curriculum for IGCSE is aligned with their peers in general Art 2, and students continue to study and develop more advanced techniques, with special attention to developing an eye for effective design and curating works with quality principles of design. Students will create a mini-portfolio to prepare themselves for further study in the AICE-level Art & Design course.

My schedule: 

Pd 1: Planning
Pd 2: Art 2
Pd 3: Art 2
Pd 4: Art 2
Pd 5: AP Portfolio & AICE Art & Design
Pd 6: IGCSE Art & Design
Pd 7: Planning

Office/Studio hours: Tuesdays & Thursdays 2:15-4:00

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