I have established and brought many, many years of both professional and life experience to the family and consumer science department at Potomac High School. My passion for learning from formal education and sharing about human development, psychology, and anthropology, The study of humans and society, has given me the tools I need to teach my classes with enthusiasm and knowledge. My philosophy as a teacher as well as a woman is to always learn, appreciate, and share the wonderful aspects of the many different cultures that make up our society. In my class my students come together as one family and work together as a team. My students make connections and friendships as well as learning to appreciate one another. I have lived my life thus far raising a family of 4 children, and so I am familiar with the needs, trials, and tribulations experienced in today's youth. I spent many years working in the professional food service industry in many areas. I am third generation of women chefs in my family. I have learned through those years all of the workplace readiness knowledge my students need to learn. I received my Family and Consumer Science teacher education from Queens College in New York and finally my Master's in Ed. Leadership degree at Mary Washington University. I am a New Yorker where a piece of my heart will always remain and so I bring my pride and passion of my home to my classroom. I encourage my students to always appreciate their heritage as well. My objective is to educate my high school students with the work place readiness skills needed in life to be able to transition into the adult word efficiently and comfortably armed with strong communication skills and a passion for learning as they travel through life. I guide by example and show my students that it is never to late in life to grow, experience new things and set new goals. The units of study that I teach include; child development, pregnancy and birth, social and emotional pressures of teens, nutrition, mental and physical wellness, exploring cultures internationally and regionally I have been teaching at Potomac High School since 2011 and have seen many positive transitions within our school. Every year gets better and my students always come back to visit, I look forward to every school year with excitement as I hope my students do as well. See you all in class! Ciao for now!