Dear Parents and Students,

I miss being with our students each day.  I hope you all remain safe and healthy during these uncertain times.  As for now no further assignments or grading is needed for the third grading period. 

While we are out of school students should continue practicing what we have learned I each of our classes. 

Life Skills:  continue all personal hygiene and daily ward robe choices, review calendar facts (month date, and year), and check the daily weather forecast.

Math:  Information input into calculator, addition and subtraction, proof using manipulatives and or symbols, number sense and recognition. 

Social Skills:  communication skills, appropriate interactions socially.

Job skills:  communication and preparation, following directions, house chores, packaging, sorting, and assembling.

Recreation and Leisure:  playing board games, basic card games, checkers, puzzles, and music participation. 

  1. Future interaction will depend upon the guidance from state, federal, and PWCS decisions.
  2. The 3rd grading period has been extended to April 24th, 2020.
  3. Spring break will be April 6th to April 13th.
  4. PWCS is awaiting state and federal guidelines for future implementation of special education clarification for conducting of meetings.

Feel free to contact me through my e-mail, with any questions or concerns.