Dear Choral Students and Parents:

As we attempt to finish our 2019-2020 school let me say that I will miss seeing and singing with each and every one of you on a daily basis. We had so much left to accomplish this year. Hopefully, we will be able to share music in other ways. Perhaps a virtual Spring Choral Concert?More on this in coming weeks.

Zoom Office Hours
You may schedule a meeting during office hours by using this link: YouCanBookMe. If you would like to schedule a meeting outside of office hours please e-mail me:

•  Tuesdays: 12 PM–1 PM
•  Thursdays: 1 PM–2 PM

In the meantime, please make sure you are signed up for:

•  Google Classroom—Announcements and Assignments
•  Sight Reading Factory—Sight Reading Assignments
•  FlipGrid—Singing Assignments

See below for links and codes. Please send me an e-mail if you run into problems.

All the best to you and your family,
I miss all of you,
Mr. Weberg

Join Google Classroom:

Instructions for logging in to PSHS Google Classroom can be found here.

1st Period—Men's Choir Class Code: p7gitab
3rd Period—Advanced Varsity Choir: rvbvzqh
4th Period—Camerata Singers: all students should be signed up already

6th Period—Treble Choir Class Code: ywexk4u

 Google Classroom  Check for assignments, announcements, and turn in written work
 Sight Reading Factory  Practice your sight reading
 FlipGrid  Sing for me on a video
 SmartMusic  Practice choral music, solos, sight reading; needs Chrome browser
 Zoom  Group meetings, need an app on your phone or computer
 Quizlet  Study PSHS Choral Department music concepts  Learn about music theory
 Music Theory for Normal People  Graphical summaries of music theory, music history, form
 Music Theory for Songwriters  Chord progression charts and chord maps
 Blank Staff Paper  Print out staff paper and write music the old fashioned way
 Noteflight  Write music on your computer  Search for and purchase sheet music, inexpensive, avoid breaking copyrights


Join FlipGrid—use the following FlipCodes and your student ID# to access your
FlipGrid class on the web

1st Period—Men's Choir: weberg2164
3rd Period—Advanced Varsity: weberg6046
4th Period—Camerata Singers: weberg0206
6th Period—Treble Choir: weberg9642

Join Quizlet—click the link:

Advanced Varsity Choir -
Camerata Singers -
Concert Choir -
Men's Choir -
Treble Choir -