Course Description:

AICE* History is an in-depth study of US History from the period of Manifest Destiny (1840s) through the Great Depression and the New Deal (1930s). It counts as one of the seven credits required for the Cambridge Diploma.  The course is designed to be a college-level class, and many students may find it quite challenging.  History at this level is not merely memorizing facts.  We will focus on historical arguments, essay writing, document analysis and historical thinking skills.  It is my hope that students will become better readers, writers, and thinkers along the way.  

This course has an associated Standards of Learning (SOL) test.  Students will participate in this test only if they have not yet met the verified credit requirement for graduation and/or satisfied a federal participation requirement.  Students who are not eligible to participate in the SOL will still be able to use their class average and attendance to earn a final exam exemption.

All of our class information, assignments, updates and PowerPoints are found on our Google Classroom page.  Please follow the below link and use the code to add our class, if you have not already done so.  

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