Broad purpose of course:  The AP Statistics course is taught as an activity based course in which the following topics are explored: Exploring Data, Experimental Design, Anticipating Patterns, and Statistical Inference.  Throughout the course students will complete problems from previous AP Free Response and released multiple choice sections, they will look at the solutions, scoring guidelines and sample student responses.  The culminating activity in the course is a project in which the students design an experiment, carry out data collection, look at descriptive statistics, carry out a hypothesis test and analyze and communicate their results.  The culminating project allows students to make meaningful connections between the four major topics taught in the course.


Dear students and parents/guardians,

I know that mixed emotions are going on with the announcement that schools are closed for the remainder of the academic school year.  The Potomac family hopes that you and your family are safe and well.

I wish all the Seniors resilience. Just know that this is a small setback on the long journey of life.  You have worked hard this far, and the lessons of the past will give you a foundation to overcome future obstacles.

To ALL my students, I am sorry that you did not get a chance to say goodbye to many of your friends. I will miss seeing and working with all of you.  

Hopefully, we will overcome the national crisis and become wiser, stronger and kinder.

I know a lot of you are worried about grades, make-ups and re-testing, and how the rest of the year will be handled.  However, Prince William County Schools will give teachers instructions about how to proceed in this matter.  

As soon as I know ANYTHING, I will let you know how we will continue.  

For now, I have my school website with review materials for each subject. We will use the College Board resources to prepare for the online AP Exam.

Take care!
Mrs. Mattison




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