Competencies covered prior to closure.

Demonstrating Personal Qualities and Abilities 1-5
Demonstrating Interpersonal Skills 6-10
Demonstrating Professional Competencies 11-22
Examining All Aspects of an Industry 23-30
Addressing Elements of Student Life 31-34
Exploring Work-Based Learning 35-38
Practicing Safety 39-43
Preparing for a Career in Criminal Justice 44-48
Understanding the Rule of Law 49-55
Understanding the Rule of Law 56,58,61,63 and 64
Investigating a Crime Scene 65-69
Applying Criminal Justice Communication Skills 75-77
Exploring Crisis Intervention 78-81
Exploring the Terror Threat 82-85


Criminal Justice II

This course is an in-depth study of crime in America, our courts in action, and law enforcement efforts to deal with crime.  The course will look into victimization, due process, and Constitutional laws affecting law enforcement as well as a review of sentencing offenders, parole, prison rehabilitation, and corrections.  Included will be a view of other employment careers in private and mechanical security systems as well as local, state, and federal law enforcement.  A major component of CJ II will include Criminology research and project presentations.

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