Please see a list of competencies that have been covered thus far. 

Demonstrating Personal Qualities and Abilities 1-5
Demonstrating Interpersonal Skills 6-10
Demonstrating Professional Competencies 11-22
Examining All Aspects of an Industry 23-30
Addressing Elements of Student Life 31-34
Exploring Work-Based Learning 35-38
Practicing Safety 39-44
Introducing the Criminal Justice System 45-47
Exploring Careers in Criminal Justice 48-49
Understanding the Rule of Law 50-56
Exploring Policing 57-59 and 63-67
Investigating a Crime Scene 68-71
Exploring the Courts 77-81

Criminal Justice I
- This course is designed for students who are considering a career in criminal justice.  The course gives students insight on what transpires within the criminal justice system as well as introduces them to entry level criminal justice classes at institutions of higher learning.  Specific areas of focus will be provided in criminal law, civil law, juvenile law, court procedures and the operations of corrections. The program is structured to give students a strong academic introduction to most criminal justice career fields.
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