Digital Learning Update:

Want to go to school (eventually) for art?  
How to make an online portfolio

Into Computer Animation, Game Design, 3D modeling....
Blender 3D is free (requires download)

More of a 2D artist? Miss photoshop... 
Gimp is a lot like photoshop (requires download)

Digital Classroom space - coming soon -

No computer no problem - Phone Apps:
Medibang has several versions (manga artists)

34 different art apps

Links to other stuff:

Example online WiX portfolio
My Online Portfolio

How to draw a face 
Draw a Face in 30 days
Realistic Skin

Drawing Pencil:
 Value Shading
Water drops
Wood, Brick, metal

Charcoal Pencil:
Glass of Water

Color Pencil:
Reflection and Transparent
Transparent plastic

Drawing in Ink:
Fountain Pen: Link
Fountain Pen2: Link
Inks, papers and more: Link
Brush technique water on paper: Link
Washes: Link
Chinese Brush: Link

Drawing in Marker:
Face with Glasses

Painting: (10 min and under how to videos)
Acrylic Smooth blend background:  Link
Acrylic Skin Tones: Link
Glaze: Link
Color Mixing, Brown: Link

Glass bowl

On Black Paper:
Broken Glass

Linocut bird

33 strange buildings

Active Youtube Artists that show process:
Dan Nelson (Acrylic Painting, Ink, Watercolor, washes) Link
Jazza (Digital Drawing, marker, Pen) Link
Emmy Kalia (Drawing, Faces, Hair, Color pencil, Pencil) Link

National Art Honors Society