I hope you are all staying safe.
This will be my final update before the summer.

ICONOGRAPHY:  as a branch of art history, studies the identification, description, and the interpretation of the content of images

I would like for this to sit with you as you watch (or participate) in current affairs. The demonstrations going on despite the covid concerns include a great deal of powerful images that have a chance to not only change the world for a better place but go down as historical images your children might end up reading about in US History class. 
The portraits of George Floyd, Black Lives Matters Blvd painting leading to the white house, the countless photographs, and the many signs demonstrators have created are resonating. Pay attention to the images. Remember that it doesn't require being an art major to create an image that is powerful and speaks a message. Art is great for filling time or creating something nice to look at BUT art can be a powerful tool in conveying a message.  Feel free to email me during the summer with any artwork you have made.

Well a couple people have done some older assignments. Thats great!  However no one has tried to do the Jazza figure drawing yet so I will leave that up.

Another week with no emails from students or parents with results of the art assignments. Bummer!
Maybe this will be more your speed. Jazza is a youtuber I have followed for several years who I think does great tutorials and has a fun drawing style.  Since many of you struggle with figure drawing maybe give this link a try!
Jazza and figure drawing

Rem,ember you can always email me the results of your drawing/art making.. or request to join the Minecraft server I got and go build something 3D.

I hope everyone is doing okay. So far no one has turned in last weeks work so it will stay up as the work for this week.
I would like to move forward with information  but I can only do that if some of you buy in.

Choose your own Art adventure!
Good morning. I will post up a few possible assignments. This way you can choose what you want to do when you are in the mood to do it.  Email me a picture of anything you make. I would read what all the assignments are.

Assignment 1:
Art 1 -  Open the Folder Perspective. You will see a packet you can print or just use for reference to start drawing.
Watch: perspective boxes  <--- click that
Try to create the boxes in perspective on a sheet of paper.
Art 3/4 -  Perspective. There is a worksheet in the Perspective Folder that says "worms eye view"
Watch: worms eye

Assignment 2:
Anyone - Create a "Forced Perspective" Photo or drawing
Watch: drawing  and  photography

Assignment 3:
Anyone -  Build in Minecraft!
Email me asking for a link to my server and what your Minecraft name is. (yup I got one just for this)
Find a Biom you like on the server and build anything you want that looks like it BELONGS THERE.
Add a sign to your building and please play nice! Don't destroy other peoples work.
Its okay if you have never played before. The server is set to creative and this is meant to be a fun place to explore the idea of architecture in an environment totally dedicated to boxes in perspective.

So since I haven't gotten any submissions for the Getty Challenge yet I am keeping up the assignment for this week.
Just so you don't have to be the first person to send something in my fiancee decided to help me recreate a famous artwork.
We present you "The Unicorn in Captivity"
Getty Challenge

Getty Challenge!
Step 1) Take a Virtual Tour of a museum
Step 2) Find an interesting art piece.
Step 3) recreate that art in real life

examples of the Getty Challenge

Tour the Lovre
The British Museum

Don't want to do any of those? Find your own! 
If you participate email me the photo of your recreation.

So I hope to be posting something to enrich your education every Monday.
Right now we are in "review" mode so lets rewind back to October.

Click Links for continued learning or review examples.

Remember when we did Inktober
You would get a theme word for the day and do a drawing in ink. So we will continue that theme for this week.
Lets aim at doing 3 ink drawings with the following themes:
"Digital Learning"
"Social Distancing"

Remember to use LINE  to create VALUE.  Try practicing your HATCHING  and CROSS-HATCHING
Cross Hatching example

If you decide to participate I will create a folder so we can see everyone's work who participates.
Students from any Art Class for any teacher are welcome to submit Ink drawings this week.
Just email photos them to me
(Include your name in the subject)

Its not to late for some of you to turn around your 3rd quarter grades if you did poorly. Just email me about makeup assignments.


Look here on Mondays for Digital Learning Opportunities!
Check Useful Links for cool stuff already posted.

Low grades for Q3? Email me about how to fix it.