Hello Everyone!  Welcome to my page.  Please stay safe and secure with your family during this strange time in our country.  I hope that you are staying wide awake when it comes to learning!  Please learn one new vocabulary word per day and email it to me at:  blumlist@pwcs.edu.  Please also tell me what is new with you and how you are doing!  One website you might use is:

I have continued intensive study of Frankenstein by Mary Shelley, the novel we were just starting in our English 12 classes.  For more "fun" reading, I am steeped in Half Broke Horses by Jeannette Walls who wrote the memoir, The Glass Castle.

To all of my Special Education caseload families, I emailed you individually yesterday and last night.  Thank you for getting back to me! I will answer you soon.  Please have your son or daughter, "my caseload teen," also email me when they have a moment.  I would like to hear what they have been doing since our sudden school closure. 

To all of my students in English 12 and English 11, here are the links to our classes:





To ALL of my students:  Please email me and tell me what you have been learning or doing or reading or pursuing .. or ANYTHING!  I care about you and really want to communicate with you. Please email me at:  blumlist@pwcs.edu.

To everyone, parents and students, PLEASE take care!  I think of you often!! 

Love, Mrs. Blumling ("Mrs. B")
(I miss being called that! My grandkids, with whom I am now living, call me "Nonni")