Welcome to Gifted Education and Gifted Seminars! 
Mrs. Gina Treat

Contact information:
Office: Room 2010 in Music Hallway
Phone number: 703.445.3590
Email: treatgm@pwcs.edu

About Gifted Education

In Prince William County, the main component of gifted education services at the high school level is the seminar program, which students attend according to the schedules shown on each grade level page. The seminars are complemented by the following…

· Differentiated instruction with coursework in advanced, humanities, and AP classes and specialty programs; 

·       Differentiated instruction in the classroom setting;

·       Conferencing with resource teacher for academic and socio-emotional purposes; 

·       Governor’s School summer program;

·       Opportunities for dual enrollment and individual studies; 

·       Gifted resource teacher available for assistance with college applications.


What is a Seminar?

The seminar involves a small group of students in which an activity or reading leads to a discussion where students evaluate, express, and synthesize their knowledge and values. Seminars focus on different themes in different grades…

·       9th Grade Human Activity and Identity

·       10th Grade Methods, Foundations and Limits of Science

·       11th Grade The American Experience

·       12th Grade Who am I?


February Seminar Schedule at a glance 

Seminars resume Friday, February 15.

9A: 2/15 @ 0725
9B: 2/15 @0905

11A: 2/19 @0725
11B: 2/22 @ 0905
11C: 2/22 @0705

12A: 2/26 @0725
12B: 2/26 @ 0905
12C: 2/27 @ 0275

10C: 2/27 @0905
10A: 2/28 @0725
10B: 2/28 @ 0905