To my students and their parents and guardians:

I am sharing my content for the fourth quarter (which is ungraded work meant to revisit existing standards) via Sway presentations hosted via Office 365.  This means that students will need to be logged into their PWCS O365 account in order to view the weekly lessons. Below are the links to each grade's work for the fourth quarter.

For my English 12 students: https://sway.office.com/Qljapni4Eav0Xzwx?ref=Link

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If you need to log in to your Office account
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I can be best contacted via my PWCS e-mail at combsji@pwcs.edu.  Please let me know if you have any questions!

Course Objectives

The coursework requires a synthesis of the skills taught in the first three years of the high school English program. English 12 will emphasize increasingly sophisticated skills in analysis, discussion/oral communication, and writing.
Students read expansively for comprehension of content and to evaluate author’s biases and purposes. Students write for a variety of purposes including: application essays, placement assessments, expository analysis of non-fiction, interpretive literary analysis, technical writing, personal narrative, and persuasion.

The course provides extensive and challenging reading of many literary genres including: non-fiction, poetry, fiction, and drama, ranging from classical through contemporary literature. Classroom discussions will tackle challenging themes, philosophical views, and contemporary issues.
Initial value