Course Description:

AP Portfolio: 12th grade; must have successful completion of AICE Art & Design
Students will complete a comprehensive portfolio of their own design that shows development and understanding of themselves as artists, especially in regards to media and stylistic choices. Students will submit a portfolio of 24 high-quality works for assessment in May. These works may be created by the student at any time in the artistic career, and it is highly advisable they start working on acceptable works before the class begins in August. 

My schedule: 
Pd 1: Planning
Pd 2: Art 2
Pd 3: Art 2
Pd 4: Art 2
Pd 5: AP Portfolio & AICE Art & Design
Pd 6: IGCSE Art & Design
Pd 7: Planning

Office/Studio hours: Tuesdays & Thursdays 2:15-4:00
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