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Reidwell Class Updates!
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Good afternoon, everyone! Just a quick update so everyone is on the same page ... For all of my English students, I will not be taking any grades after this Friday, Oct. 28. This gives me enough time to prepare and to ensure that all the grades are in, and that grades reflected in Parent Portal next week are accurate for report cards. Please check all grades next week and this week! If there are any questions concerning grades, please do NOT hesitate to let me know/get in contact with me!  We will have in-class make up work days on Wednesday, Oct. 26 (for even day classes) and Thursday, Oct. 27 (for odd day classes). Students will have the entirety of the block (after finishing their benchmarks) to finish or make up any work that they owe. Students can get up to a 75 percent on work they did not hand in already.  Like I tell the students, I'm not great at math, however, I know that anything is better than a zero!!! :) And for some students, that will make the difference between passing and failing for the first quarter.  As always, feel free to text me via Remind, send me a message on Twitter, e-mail me, or call me in my room if you have any questions/concerns! Thanks so much, have an awesome week! :) Most Sincerely, Mrs. Reid
Posted by reidlim  On Oct 25, 2016 at 1:47 PM