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Good afternoon! Just wanted to say hello, and offer a friendly reminder that next week is the end of ... can you believe it ... the THIRD quarter!!!  All late work (for sophomores or freshmen) will not be accepted after Tuesday, April 4. Please ensure all tests/quizzes that need to be made up are done by then. They can be taken during the next flex period OR after school on Tuesdays/Thursdays until 3 p.m.  English 9: We are finishing up The Odyssey, Homer's classic epic! Students have, for the most part, done very, very well with the content and those who paid attention scored very well on the tests! However, many students are missing some crucial items, such as tests that need to be made up, quizzes that can be made up for partial credit, and projects from the beginning of the quarter. Please look! These NHI grades are the major contributing factor to many of the Fs in English 9!!! English 10: We are finishing up our resumes to use during the mock interviews which will take place this Wednesday, March 29 and this Thursday, March 30. Students are asked to come dressed nicely, as if they are truly interviewing for a local customer service job. Nice jeans (no holes or tears), polos, v-necks (plain, no brands), dresses, skirts, etc. are asked to be the attire of the day as they're being graded by their interviewer on presentation, their resumes, and how they handle themselves in the interview. This is to give our sophomores some real-life skills they can use as soon as they're of working age/applying for jobs!  Many sophomores haven't looked at their edits of their resumes - please have them login to their Office 365 account (http://office365.pwcs.edu - the login is simply their PWCS full e-mail account (they should have this - if not feel free to e-mail me and I will get it) and password. They can access their resumes via their One Drive (click the Cloud icon once they're officially logged into Office 365). I have edited ALL resumes I had in my inbox - if there are questions regarding these, please feel free to let me know!!!  Also, just as a head's up: next quarter I will be out on maternity leave starting (if all goes according to plan) on May 30 through the end of the school year. There will be a long-term sub in for me, and as soon as I know his/her contact information I will post it so everyone has access!!! :) Thanks so much for all your help guys - ONE MORE QUARTER TO GO!
Posted by reidlim  On Mar 27, 2017 at 1:37 PM
Good afternoon, everyone! It's been a hot minute since I've had an opportunity to write on our blog! In English 9, we are in the middle of The Odyssey, the epic written by Homer. We are halfway now, and students will be presenting their projects tomorrow! They also have a test on the first half of the story on Thursday, March 9. These are worth a combined SIX grades, so please make sure that you all do well! We will focus on writing for the last part of the third quarter, after we finish our story, specifically writing for an argumentative essay (think SOLs in about two years).  In English 10 we are bouncing back and forth between poetry and resumes/interview skills. All sophomores at Potomac will be doing the interviews on March 29 and 30 (the days following our benchmarks). These are required!!! Students will need to dress up nicely for that day (as best they can!) meaning no sweatshirts, sweat pants, athletic gear, ripped jeans, etc. They will also have to present the resumes we have worked on in class. All students have been given the opportunity to reset their logins to their Microsoft Office accounts - and all resumes should have been shared with me already! I have edited them, and we will be doing final drafts next week!   As always, follow me on Twitter (@reidwellPSHS) and on here for updates!
Posted by reidlim  On Mar 06, 2017 at 2:42 PM
Good afternoon, everyone! Just a quick update so everyone is on the same page ... For all of my English students, I will not be taking any grades after this Friday, Oct. 28. This gives me enough time to prepare and to ensure that all the grades are in, and that grades reflected in Parent Portal next week are accurate for report cards. Please check all grades next week and this week! If there are any questions concerning grades, please do NOT hesitate to let me know/get in contact with me!  We will have in-class make up work days on Wednesday, Oct. 26 (for even day classes) and Thursday, Oct. 27 (for odd day classes). Students will have the entirety of the block (after finishing their benchmarks) to finish or make up any work that they owe. Students can get up to a 75 percent on work they did not hand in already.  Like I tell the students, I'm not great at math, however, I know that anything is better than a zero!!! :) And for some students, that will make the difference between passing and failing for the first quarter.  As always, feel free to text me via Remind, send me a message on Twitter, e-mail me, or call me in my room if you have any questions/concerns! Thanks so much, have an awesome week! :) Most Sincerely, Mrs. Reid
Posted by reidlim  On Oct 25, 2016 at 1:47 PM
Welcome everyone! I will more than likely use this space to update everyone on what's going on! If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to e-mail me! (The link is on my home page.) English 9: Students are building on the skills they've acquired over the past eight years (and then some!). We started the year reading many short stories, doing a writing sample (the "I believe in ..." essay), as well as reviewing commonly confused words to help strengthen our writing.  We are getting ready to get into Animal Farm, a George Orwell novel. Students have been asked to purchase it, but there is also a free e-book version students can download. Just click on "Useful Links" and you should be able to find it! :) All students are welcome to use this version! Students were given a packet this week for the novel. They should be expected to complete parts of the packet at home, as well as reading from in-class. They are welcome to use these packets on the daily quizzes (comprehension quizzes) given in class on a daily basis. There will be six of them. They are on the calendar right now if you want to see when each one happens! Students will get calendars next class, as well. These can be HUGE grade boosters ... or they can really hurt their grades too! I want all As! Haha. :) English 10:  English 10 is a really important year. Why? PSAT, SAT, and then next year we've got the SOLs for English ... both the reading and the writing!  We've done short stories, a writing sample about the danger of the single story, reviewed commonly confused words and added some root words ... a lot of stuff going on!  Now we're venturing into two larger projects: the first one is the anecdotal autobiography. Students have through the month of October to work on their personal narratives to create a "scrapbook" of sorts. We are doing peer review in class, as well as spacing out the assignments. The final project is due on the 28th for even day classes, and on the 31st odd day's project is due. The second assignment is reading To Kill a Mockingbird, which will tie in directly to our idea of social injustice - something we will make relevant to everyone! Just like with English 9, there is a free e-book of the novel under "Useful Links." :) As always, please e-mail me if you have any questions or concerns! Most Sincerely, Lindsay M. Reid, M. Ed. 
Posted by reidlim  On Oct 13, 2016 at 1:32 PM